The Painter and the Puzzle Maker

Client Success Story—Bedford, NH

The thought of homework can bring back memories of math class, late night study sessions, essay writing, report cards and more. However, it was homework that drove this couple together sixty seven years ago and with Valentine’s Day approaching we feature this wonderful couple whose love is as strong today as the first day they met after school, during a study session for History class.

Just like a love story in a novel or the movies, the Painter was studying with a friend when her friend’s little brother came in the room during the session and the rest as they say, was ‘history.’

On June 6th, 1948 they exchanged vows and traveled to New Hampshire for their honeymoon. Visiting locations such as the Lost River and vacationing at Salisbury Beach, where one of their most vivid memories was the jammed window of their 1948 Ford. The window fell down into the door and they had to spend the entire day waiting for it to be fixed.

With $165 in their pocket for the first time, they left Gloucester and moved to Connecticut to find work. Upon returning a couple years later they found permanent residence in Burlington where the Puzzle Maker worked in an iron shop and the Painter for Burlington High School where she earned the title of “Cookie Lady.” For 24 Years she remained at the High School, while the Puzzle Maker became part owner of an Iron Shop for almost 15 years.

As work remained steady they raised their three children and continued to pursue their love for traveling by visiting locations all over the world such as Alaska, Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy, Greece and their favorite stop, Australia!

After missing the coast, they decided to move to Danvers where the Puzzle Maker took on a job with the Auxiliary Coast Guard for eight years and also became a member of the Danvers Yacht Club. During the ten years residing in Danvers, they made many memories with the family taking boat rides to Manchester by the Sea and whale watching. They enjoyed the water so much, the Puzzle Maker decided to construct a 20x40 pool so the family could spend more time together.


When not in the pool or at the school they spent time together watching football, taking music lessons and dancing Saturday evenings for 30 years. One evening while bowling with her friends from church the Painter and her friends decided to take art lessons. Some chose illustration while she chose the complex process of oil painting. A Medium that requires layers of oil paint patiently applied to a canvas.  Her basement gallery includes many beautiful paintings of landscapes to still lives and more, ranging in sizes from 8x10 all the way up to 24x36. The Painter loved painting subjects from her past such as locations and monuments in the Rockport and Gloucester area.

EldridgeBrownpuzzles 1

When not building a closet, work bench or installing a pool, he’s building something that requires much more patience…Puzzles! Puzzles with hundreds even one thousand pieces forming imagery of landscapes all over the world, animals, cars and more.  The most amazing aspect of these puzzles is after they are completed, they are secured permanently by gluing the back and hung, literally lining the basement walls intricately wrapped through corners, ceiling to floor creating a life size puzzle created by thousands of puzzle pieces all different sizes.

EldridgeBrownPuzzles 2

From a painter and a puzzle maker there’s a lesson to be learned. Both hobbies require incredible amounts of patience and hard work. Two factors at the root of making this wonderful relationship last as long as it has.  When asked what the secret was to making their relationship last, the Painter said “Patience with everything,” she proudly added. “You get out of it, what you put in to it.”

67 years later, the Painter and the Puzzle Maker got back what they put in to it…the missing piece to each other’s puzzle.

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