Show Your Heart Some Love!

February is the perfect month to show your heart some love. The best way to love your heart is to get it pumping and feed it wholesome foods! It doesn’t have to be hard and it can be fun! Taking care of your heart will improve your mental health, reduce your waistline, help you sleep better, reduce your chances of developing diabetes, and reduce your blood pressure! It will also improve your balance and since falling is the #1 cause of older adults’ accidental deaths, loving your heart might just save your life in more ways than one. Try adding just a few of these healthy habits into your life and see how much better you feel!
Fun Ways to Keep Your Heart Pumping!

1. Try the stairs instead of the elevator for a bit of a stretch.
2. Park your car one or two spots further from the store or house.
3. Add a morning or evening walk to your day.
4. Treat yourself to dancing after dinner.
5. Put some music on while vacuuming and “cut that rug.”
6. Opt for a nature walk or a bike ride rather than that movie – I am sure those grandkids can use the exercise as well.
7. Buy a new exercise or dance CD/DVD. There are great ones available for any ability.
8. Take a yoga, aqua exercise or Tai Chi class.
9. Rake the yard or vigorously sweep the porch.
10. Explore your local parks, zoos and museums.

Great Habits for Healthy Hearts!

1. Choose fruit for dessert instead sweets.
2. Use a non-stick pan, this will cut down on the butter and oil.
3. A handful of almonds can curb your appetite.
4. Keep a water bottle handy and always stay hydrated – It’s good for your skin, too!
5. Oatmeal is great for breakfast. Good roughage is good for your heart and lowers cholesterol.
6. Eat fish at least twice a week, limit the red meat to twice a week and eat smaller portions.
7. Try baby spinach for your salads – variety will keep you eating your veggies.
8. Soups are wonderful during the winter months and can be very healthy for your heart.
9. Hot tea and broth before a meal can also curb your appetite.
10. Sprinkle your unbuttered popcorn with a little cinnamon and sugar for a low-cal dessert.

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