Preventing Winter Slips and Falls!

Today, Americans are living longer while staying active and healthy.  During these cold winter months we are all at risk for slips, trips, and falls and in icy and snowy conditions the incidence of injuries increases.

Injuries from falls can lead to limited activity, reduced mobility, loss of fitness, as well as human suffering, medical expenses, and even lost wages. The Good News is falls are preventable andsome of the underlying causes of older-adult falls, such as untreated walkways and uneven surfaces, can be improved.

These recommendations can help reduce the number of slips and falls or reduce injury if a fall occurs:

  • Look before you step. Concentrate on your path in front of you. Take your time and walk slowly in small steps. Avoid slippery surfaces such as icy areas and snow banks. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. Don't hurry and be observant of conditions.
  • Wear proper footwear. Wear shoes or boots with a good tread or non-slip soles. If necessary, bring your shoes in a tote with a shoulder strap and change when you arrive at location.
  • Try to keep hands free and use hand rails if available.
  • Once at your destination place your wet shoes/boots where melting snow and slush can’t create hazards for others.

Using common sense is the key to protecting our seniors from falls. If the above tips are used regularly, many accidents with our senior population can be avoided.

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