Measure What Matters Most

Best of Home Care 2012 and 2013!

Home Care is a growing trend. It’s not surprising that most people would rather stay at home and receive care than move to a facility. Visiting Angels provides quality, dependable home care to aging seniors, chronically ill individuals, and the physically disabled throughout Central, Southern and Seacoast areas of New Hampshire. While we pride ourselves on the services we offer, we’re also proud to be the awarded Best of Homecare 2012 and 2013 for measuring what matters.

Why Choose a "Best of Home Care Agency?"

A "Best of Home Care", agency has proven that it care about quality in both its client and employee interactions.

Client Satisfaction - Knowing that clients are satisfied with their services gives you a great indicator that you will be satisfied as well.

  • We measure client feedback

  • We measure agency improvements in many categories, including the following: Caregiver's work ethic, timeliness, compassion and the agency's effective communication, coordination of caregiver's schedule, overall quality of service and more.

Employee Satisfaction - Happy employee are good employees. If an agency cares enough to take care of it's employees, you can be assured that the agency will take care of its clients!

  • We measure working environment satisfaction
  • We measure caregiver performance improvements
  • We measure how well an agency rewards caregivers
  • We measure caregiver morale

Visiting Angels of Auburn, NH was recognized for being the best in:

  • Overall Quality of Service
  • Caregiver's Work Ethic
  • Caregiver's Timeliness
  • Caregiver's Training and Knowledge
  • Caregiver's Compassion
  • Caregiver's Appropriate Appearance
  • Confidence Level in Agency Management
  • Agency's Response to Problems
  • Receiving the Service as Promised
  • Recommend Agency to Others
  • Coordination of Caregiver's Schedule
  • Overall Combined Average

 At Visiting Angels we match the best possible caregiver with each of our clients, based on the client’s needs, geographic area, schedule needed and personality. Visiting Angels caregivers

can provide services like bathing, dressing and medication reminders,
along with chores like laundry, grocery shopping and prescription pick up. Caregivers can also escort clients to doctor’s appointments and assist with running errands. Most importantly – caregivers provide companionship and safety supervision. Our caregivers offer the
client’s loved ones peace of mind, knowing their parent or family member is being well cared for and is safe in their home.

"We are very proud of our staff, and proud of the care we deliver to our clients and we will consistently hold very high standards of care to make sure the families we service are happy and healthy in the place they call home."

~Debra Desrosiers, Certified Senior Advisor and Director of Visiting Angels of Auburn, New Hampshire

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