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Beasley & Ferber 

Helping our clients live as well as possible is our priority. We know they have age-related needs that are beyond the scope of our services. We strive to point our clients in the direction of excellent local resources for those needs. One important task of the senior years is being sure one's legal documentation is in order exactly how they wish. This can be a vast and somewhat overwhelming area and we encourage our clients and their families to educate themselves. One elder care and disability law firm which offers free education is Beasley & Ferber. They have offices in Concord, Bedford, Nashua, Exeter, and a satellite office in N. Andover, MA.

[From their website] "For more than two decades, Beasley & Ferber has been helping clients protect their homes and hard-earned savings. Principal attorneys Edward D. Beasley and David Ferber opened their Concord, N.H.-based practice in 1991. Now, with a combined 60 years of asset-protection and estate-planning experience, the firm continues to provide clients with the information and tools they need to prepare for the future."

Beasley BookBeasley & Ferber are big on education for their clients. They skillfully guide their clients and families away from trouble. They have a straightforward approach in getting their clients' legal documents in good shape in terms of incapacity (unable to make decisions), trusts, wills, understanding the reality of nursing home care expenses, and related age-related matters.

Atty. Beasley offers free seminars on these topics in various locations primarily in NH. The upcoming calendar in our area is accessed by clicking here.

One of their books, Trusts for the Average Person, The Optimum Estate Plan - A practical guide to avoiding probate, nursing-home costs and estate taxes, is available for FREE at any seminar or by calling their office at 1-800-370-5010.  Additionally, for anyone who attends one of their free seminars, they offer a free 1-hour consultation.

Another rather unique approach in their practice is that they offer services on a flat fee basis as opposed to hourly.

For those who need to get their documents in order, the resources available at Beasley & Ferber are a great way to gain education.  For more information, visit their website at

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