Keep Those Feet, 'Happy Feet!'

Keep Those Feet, ‘HAPPY FEET!’

We don’t hear a lot about keeping our feet healthy and happy, but foot care is essential to good health. Circulation problems, nail fungus, and injuries can all cause devastating health problems that start in our feet. Taking care of the old twinkle toes can keep our whole bodies healthier! So here are some tips to keep your feet a lot happier!

1. Warm foot baths – great for circulation and a pampering treat
2. Walking – yes, it gets the blood flowing and keeps your feet healthier
3. Well-fitted shoes – ones that are shaped like your feet
4. Massage – who doesn’t like a little foot rub?
5. Protect your feet from extreme temperatures
6. Resist crossing your legs
7. Keep your toenails well-groomed
8. Make sure your shoes have good ventilation
9. Put your feet up when possible
10. Remove calluses and rough skin after a good soaking

For those with diabetes, you have to be a lot more careful with your feet. Always wear good shoes. Protecting your feet is crucial to survival. Foot injuries take a long time to heal for diabetics and should always be taken seriously. Diabetics should routinely see a podiatrist. Never cut your own toenails – have the foot doctor to do it for you.

Shoes are very important to good foot health.

1. When purchasing shoes, get measured at the end of the day.
2. Bigger is better than too tight. Make sure your shoes do not slip on your heels. Every toe, especially the longest one, should be comfortable in your shoes.
3. Only buy shoes with non-skid soles. High-top shoes are good if you have weak ankles. Low heels are more comfortable than high-heeled shoes. Leather is often more comfortable than other materials.
4. If you stand on your feet a lot – be sure to get plenty of cushion in your shoes.
5. Wearing support socks can also help your feet

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