In-Home Oral Hygiene Service available for Elderly in Southern NH

Meet Joan Fitzgerald, Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist. Joan provides oral hygiene services for elderly in southern New Hampshire who are homebound or live in a residential care community. She has over 30 years of experience doing this work. When working on her Capstone Project at Granite State College in 2012, Joan recognized an unmet need, especially among the homebound elderly population, and founded Oral Healthcare@Home, Inc. Her company is committed to providing high quality preventative oral healthcare services including oral health screening, assessments, and ongoing oral health care services.

Joan FitzgeraldIn additional to working with the elderly, Joan works with the residential students living on the campus at the Crotched Mountain. As a dental hygienist with advanced training and collaboration with a supervising dentist, Joan goes into her patients' homes, makes the initial assessment, creates a care plan, and provides ongoing care.

Joan is passionate about advocating for oral health as part of total body health. Her interventions are designed to stabilize her patients and get them on a healthy path.  For those on palliative or hospice care, her job is simply to stabilize them, arrest the disease process, and provide comfort measures.

Oral Healthcare@Home, Inc. is designed from the ground up to deliver compassionate, holistic care using evidence-based principle. Currently, Oral Healthcare@Home, Inc. accepts private pay and most dental insurances. Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover adult preventative dental services.

As a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist serving homebound elderly, Joan offers a valuable and highly important service in our community. For more information, contact Joan Fitzgerald, CPHDH, and Clinical Director at 603-493-4723.

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