Gardening Feeds the Body and the Soul!

Did you know that gardening is therapeutic? Just getting your hands into good soil is a start to planting veggies or flowers, and it can lift your mood while getting your body strong. It connects us to our food and gives us purpose for our day. March is the perfect month to start those seedlings! Who doesn’t love to see a flower emerge or something sprout from a seed we planted?

Ways to plant a garden, even if you don’t have a yard –

1. If you only have a patio or a sunny window, you can still grow veggies or flowers in containers.
2. Patio gardens can be a wonderful way to stimulate your green thumb. Southern exposure is preferable for growing those veggies and flowers.
3. You can start your seedlings in egg cartons with some potting soil. You can also pick up some pots at your local garden shop, or you can use old coffee cans. Just make sure to poke a hole in the bottom and have a something to catch the drained water.

Choose your seeds –

1. Herbs are wonderful to grow in-doors – basil, thyme, sage, mint, etc.
2. Lettuce grows quickly and you can choose from numerous types.
3. Carrots are wonderful to grow in a container, as well as beets and radishes.
4. If you have a patio garden, you can grow tomatoes and bell peppers.
5. If you choose other types of veggies, make sure and get the dwarf varieties.
6. It fun to grow edible flowers like nasturtiums which spice up your salads and make them look pretty!

Read the instructions on the seed packs or plants –

1. Plant seeds about five times deeper than they are big.
2. Keep soil damp until the seeds sprout, but not soggy.
3. Turn your plants daily so they won’t lean towards the sun.
4. Once they get a good size, feed them with a good fertilizer.

You’ll find that visitors love to look at your plants as well as you do. Trying something new is good for our brains and helps us keep a positive outlook. Even wheelchair bound or less mobile elders can enjoy gardening in containers.

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