Elliot Urgent Care in Manchester and Londonderry

Elliot Urgent Care at River's Edge and Londonderry

In recent years, a new option has emerged for urgent health care needs. Walk-in services at urgent care clinics offer care for many common injuries and illnesses elliotRIVERSEDGErequiring fast attention but which do not require going to the Emergency Room. At urgent care clinics, patients generally have less than a 30-minute window from the time they walk in to the time they are being seen a medical provider. Additionally, urgent care clinics have a lower co-payment for those paying with insurance. Urgent care clinics fill the gap between an ER visit and getting an office appointment at one's regular general practitioner.

With all the urgent care clinics to choose from in the area, what sets Elliot Urgent Care apart from the others? We met with April Toomey, RN, BSN, CEN and Manager Elliot Urgent Care at River's Edge and at Londonderry. We learned about some very unique and important advantages of the Elliot Urgent Care facilities, which offer the same services at both locations.

  • River's Edge is connected to the Elliot hospital which provides more comprehensive resources as needed.
  • All their providers are Emergency Board Certified and are in a work cycle that includes the Urgent Care facilities as well as the Emergency Room at the Elliot Hospital. "This rotation keeps them on top of their game," explains April.
  • They always has one physician as well as four to five mid-level support staff on premises.
  • The nurses are additionally trained to handle specialized pediatric care.
  • They are Joint Commission accredited.
  • Patients always get a follow up visit.
  • The patients' visit to the facility becomes part of their electronic medical record which is sent to their doctor(s).
  • They offer "Language Line" to handle communications for patients who do not speak English.
  • For deaf patients, they have an iPad device so that communication is no problem.

ElliotUrgentCareLONDONDERRYThe Elliot Urgent Care offers many services not mentioned here. The reader is encouraged to learn more about these valuable community resources. See their websites at River's Edge (185 Queen City Avenue in Manchester which is open from 7 am to 10 pm) and Londonderry (40 Buttrick Road in Londonderry which is open from 9 am to 8 pm).

Below is a quick reference list of WHERE SHOULD YOU GO when you are thinking of going to either the Urgent Care or Emergency Department. Thank you to April Toomey for allowing us to share this for your reference.

Urgent Care Info

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