Celebrate National Smile Month with Us!

We Want to Know...What Makes our Clients Smile?

Smile Lips 2013

One of the joys of our agency is the person-centered care approach we take with our clients. Yes, we take our "typical" home care agency training seriously to ensure client safety, cleanliness, transportation to appointments, nutritional needs, and other important factors of activities of daily living. Additionally, the Alzheimer's Association Habilitation Therapy training (mandatory for all our employees) sets us apart from other home care agencies. But beyond these trainings is what we call "person-centered care" approach. Joyful companionship is a very important part of our services. Our approach may be a little different in that we encourage our staff to discover our clients' GREATNESS.  What did they do (or are still doing) in some capacity as professionals, as heroes, as parents, as intellects, as ... people? What activities, hobbies, or passions make our clients SMILE? Is that "built into" your care plan? If not, here is an opportunity to do just that.

You can also call into the office and talk with us so we can work with the caregiver to build it in.

Here are a few suggestions to get the "What makes you smile?" ball rolling in conversation:

  • What is one special interest or activity that you enjoy indoors? Outdoors?
  • What is one favorite local place (within a reasonable driving distance) you would like to visit in this spring? Summer? Fall? Winter?
  • What is your favorite holiday and why?
  • Is there a hobby on your "bucket list" that you would like to pursue?
  • Did you / do you enjoy playing an instrument?
  • Who are your favorite musicians? Do you know how to make a playlist of their music?
  • Do you enjoy communicating with family and friends over the internet using email or Skype?
  • Have you "Googled" your favorite activity?
  • Would you like your Angel or someone at Visiting Angels to help you with that?

Here in our office in Auburn, the staff has been going through a national certification for Activities Professionals. We are inspired to share what we have learned and create a culture enriched by meaningful activities for our entire Visiting Angels family.

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