Caregivers over 50 Years Old Find New Purpose in Life with Rewarding Second Career

AARP magazine ran an article in the October 2014 edition entitled "Part-Time Jobs for Workers 50+". The message was consistent with what our caregivers over 50 years old tell us. Many older caregivers come to work for us after retiring from their career job or raising a family. Their new role as a professional caregiver gives new meaning to their lives. Their new job as a Visiting Angel provides them with much more than a paycheck. Here is what two of our over-50 caregivers had to say:  

Sherry, one of our many great caregivers over 50, is featured in one of our videos (see Sherry says, "The best part [of being a Visiting Angel] is the rewards I've gotten back from my clients. I had gone into this with the desire to give, not really expecting to get back as much from them as I had gotten back."

Connie, in her late 60s, says, "Taking care of seniors is very rewarding profession. You get to know them, know their heart, hear their story. It is just a really neat thing! It opens up your world, you know. I had lost my husband a few years ago and I had to kind of start life over again. I wondered what would be an enjoyable thing for me. When this opportunity came up to work with seniors I thought, yes, this gets me out, it gets me in other people's homes, I get to experience something about their lives. It's been a very rewarding experience."

Most of our caregivers are over 50 years old who have had experience, paid or unpaid, taking caring for someone. They may be retired from a job or are empty-nesters. They re-discover a fulfilling purpose with their new work as a Visiting Angels. Whether they work as caregivers part-time, or full-time, that is up to them as there is plenty of work! With the great demand for quality homecare, we are blessed to have such big hearted people have found a second career with us caring for seniors in their homes.

If you know of someone, perhaps a bit older, looking to re-connect with people, re-purpose their lives, provide care for seniors in their home, and get paid for doing it, let them know they can learn more about working for Visiting Angels by going to our employment page.

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