It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Debra Desrosiers.  I first met Debra back in 2010, when the Visiting Angels of Auburn was contracted to provide homecare for my father, when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  With early onset memory loss, it is important that the family member maintains their independence, safely, as long as possible.  My dad wanted to stay at home.  His wishes were achieved because of Debra’s great work, as well as her employees.  He remained at home and passed away, in hospice at home, the fall of 2013.  His “Vangels” were with him until the very end, providing him the care he required, at a high level of quality.    

Debra always went above and beyond.  She visited my dad personally throughout the years and maintained a relationship with him even as he lost memory and declined.  She understood his needs, showed compassion and provided guidance to family members.  On countless occasions, she steadied my heart and mind with her sound suggestions and knowledge.  Debra continually advocated for my dad throughout the years.  When necessary, she would call his mental health and / or medical providers.

Despite having to monitor all her clients and run a company, she also works diligently in the local community to increase dementia / Alzheimer’s awareness.  I will be forever thankful to Debra and recommend her and her Visiting Angels of Auburn.   

Lisa Cherrington

I am a very satisfied client of the Visiting Angels. A wonderful Angel, Peg W, spends a few hours every week with my mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It’s really hard to see my mom this way and was a difficult decision to place her in a long term care facility. Just knowing that Peg is there with her on days that my work schedule prevents me from being there, eases my worries considerably. I am very happy with Visiting Angels and would absolutely encourage anyone who’s thinking of this service to move forward and do it.

Pamela G

You have excellent, caring, quality people. In caring for my Mother, they always maintained her dignity. She was always in charge of her care. They provided companionship as well as care. It gave the family quality visiting time. Words cannot express how pleased we were with this service.

Paul D. Therrien

Dear Debra and all at Visiting Angels, I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much our family appreciates everything that the ANGELS in your company do to help us with my Papa Joe. He will be 101 in March and I feel that you all have been a big part in making this happen. Your family has made our family very happy and able to keep my grandfather at home with us. Thank you for all you do.

Debbie T

It is my privilege to let you, the Visiting Angels, know that I have been very happy to have the Visiting Angels help me when I was home with shopping and appointments, as I can no longer drive. They were very good to help me plan our time and make the trips cost effective. When I moved to a senior facility and needed them again, they were there to help me plan hours and care I needed. The “Angels” who came were competent, caring and friendly. They know their job.

Pauline L


I have the pleasure of working with Debra and her staff for almost two years. Visiting Angels has been by far the best place to work for! The staff is there 24/7 to meet all of your needs as well as your clients' needs. The families get involved no matter how far away they are. There is always someone to help answer all questions no matter what time it may be. We thrive on emergency cases because everyone stops what we are doing and jumps right in to action. Debra and staff have a true passion for helping people no matter how far or how small we will accommodate your needs. All of her staff is hand pick by Debra and Stacey. We are all specialized in different areas of care. Stacey does offer in-service classes that help us get the basics just in case we need it. Debra also has professionals come in and talk about different areas of our job that will benefit all of us. I highly recommend Visiting Angels to all families that are in need of help. We want to keep the family members home for as long as possible. We all love what we do!!!! I am extremely proud to work with such a caring and passionate company such as Visiting Angels!!

Maureen B.

Visiting Angels has provided me with a meaningful job and numerous opportunities to learn, grow and to enrich not only my life but my clients’ lives, for the past 2 ½ years. Most clients appreciate having the opportunity to share stories about their experiences, fears, challenges and celebrations. It is a pleasure to listen to their stories while providing care and completing chores and tasks that clients can no longer manage alone.

I would recommend Visiting Angles to anyone in need of capable, consistent and compassionate care for themselves or for loved ones.

Judy L

I've been working for Visiting Angels for over four years. I can't imagine my life without all the wonderful people that I've met...not only other caregivers and clients, but the families and friends of clients plus the people at the various facilities that I've gone to. Becoming a caregiver with Visiting Angels was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Sheila P

I can honestly say that working for Visiting Angels has been the best career change for me. I feel this agency is very caring of our clients and its caregivers. It is very rewarding for me to see how happy our clients are with our services. The in-services and training we get are a great source of information. I find them most helpful! I appreciate the thoughtful cards you send us thru the year.

Thank you Debra,
Patricia B


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